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a story of

Aeroplane Project

I was so surprised to get this project – from a new friend. We haven’t met. She knew me from a cookie bite. My cookie off course.. Uly is a lady with ton of ideas.. How bout this.. how bout that… she never told me what to do, but.. “How about..” then we disscuss about the detail… and voilaaaa… an aeroplane project!

the project was all about aeroplane, from cupcake topper to airport BIG-birthday cake… and they’re all edible!

“The kids were waiting for the cake to be cut… and rite after MICHAEL blew the candles, hoplaaa.. all aeroplanes gone.. landed in their mouth! haha..” Happy 1st Birthday Michael.. you’re such a cute boy who’s very┬álucky to have a humble mom with a HUGE love to give..

I am also lucky to know Junika Wiasni of Sweeties who has a big heart, willing to help me to finished this project.